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VIDEO de la conférence "The symphony of modern neuroscience" (1ère partie) 15/03/17

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Vidéo intégrale de la conférence "The symphony of modern neuroscience", tourné en LIVE à l'IMéRA le 15 mars 2017 organisé par les résidents IMéRA 2016-2017 : P. Expert, S. de Nigris, H. Fernandes, L-D. Lord, T. Carletti (équipe QUINTET). Abstract: Harmonic patterns are ubiquitous in nature emerging as building blocks of pattern formation in various physical and biological phenomena ranging from sound waves created by an instrument, electron orbits of an atom, electro-magnetic interactions in a grid of ions, to formation of animal coat and shell patterns in morphogenesis. In this talk I will illustrate how these harmonic waves naturally self-organize in brain activity and underlie brain’s complex spatio-temporal dynamics. Decomposition of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data acquired in conscious awake, sleep and psychedelic states into the harmonic modes of brain’s structural connectivity reveals unique characteristics and harmonic signatures of these mental
1h 53 mn 45 s
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Jeudi, 16 Mars, 2017