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VIDEO de la conférence "The symphony of modern neuroscience" 15/03/17

Vidéo intégrale de la conférence "The symphony of modern neuroscience", tourné en LIVE à l'IMéRA le 15 mars 2017 organisée par les résidents IMéRA 2016-2017 : P.  Expert, S. de   Nigris, H. Fernandes, L-D. Lord, T. Carletti (équipe QUINTET).

Our residency project is articulated around the integration of mathematical and computational methods to model and understand brain function. It is by definition an interdisciplinary endeavour, and our workshop will reflect this. We will invite speakers representing the different aspects that are crucial to the development of our project and, moreover, prominent figures in modern neuroscience, and have them expose an overview of their field, aspirations and most importantly open questions. The workshop will conclude on a panel discussion to foster new and common research interests and collaborations among the speakers and the audience. As one barrier to interdisciplinarity lies in the technicalities of each field, the workshop will take the form of pedagogical talks, focused on the concepts and heuristics, and a panel discussions. The overall aims of this workshop, particularly with the final panel discussion, are tripartite: first, easying the interaction among researchers from different research horizons; second, to gain new prospectives on common questions and, finally, to join efforts to solve problems, each contributing its own expertise.