1. Francesca Cagnacci is a behavioral and conservation ecologist who makes the use of tracking GPS on migrating ungulates -among other fascinating parts of her work- a cause that concerns everybody. In this interview she introduces few aspects of the complex research and field work that she contributes to, wearing several hats and placing inderdisciplinarity at the service of conservation purposes.

  2. The challenges of object restitutions in the French context (July 4th 16h30-18h30 at IMERA)
    This conference is organized in the frame of the CIVIS Summer School on Colonial Legacies & Post-Colonial Challenges

  3. The Fulbright/IMéRA chair is open to experienced American researchers on all themes related to migration dynamics.
    Application for this chair is open until September 15, 2022. It is made on a dedicated site of the Fulbright commission.

  4. Averroès/ IMERA Chair
    Journée d’études internationales
    The Lived Quran
    (17 June, 2022 10am - 5:30pm at IMERA)

  5. Between June 4 and September 30, 2022

  6. Lumière de la mer : Installation bioluminescente au cœur du Musée Subaquatique

  7. Conference/concert Tuesday 14.06.2022 14:30–18:00, at IMERA

  8. May 23rd and 24th
    at IMERA

  9. Mariagrazia CAIRO, Enrico DONAGGIO, José ROSE

    publient aux Editions Erès

    Travail e(s)t liberté ?

  10. MAY 3-4, 2022 AT IMERA.

    This workshop brings together leading figures in the research area of phonological representations in the L2 mental lexicon.