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  1. Holder of the Chair : Jean-Pierre Cassarino (Senior Research Fellow, Collège d'Europe & IMéRA fellow 2019-2020)

  2. https://www.manifesta13.org/fr/home/
    Manifesta 2020 Marseille (June- November 2020) has select the project "Dear Cell" of Regina Hübner https://www.manifesta13.org/fr/home/,

  3. From 14 to 17 november, at the Théâtre de la Criée

    With Yadh Ben Achour and Nouzha Guessous, holder of the Chair Averroès IMéRA/Amidex

  4. Thursday 14 of November, 14:00-16:00, IMéRA

    Entry by invitation

  5. Mercredi 20 novembre 2019, 9h30 -13h, IMéRA, Entrée libre

    Dans le cadre du cycle "Pratiques de l’écoute, écoute des pratiques #15"

  6. Tuesday 26 november 2019, 6pm at IMéRA -Free entry

    Inaugural conference of thechair Averroès. WithNouzha Guessous, chercheure en droits des femmes et bioéthique, holder of the Chair Averroès (IMéRA/A*MIDEX-AMU).
    The conference intended for 5 November have been adjourned to the 26 November

  7. Tuesday 10 december 2019, 14h-16h30, IMéRA -Free entry

    Questionning the global compact on migration and the dynamics of governance
    Conférence of the cycle of the Chair of "Patterns of Migration Studies"
    With Marie-Laure Basilien-Gainche, Professor of public law, University Lyon 3, Moderator : Jean-Pierre Cassarino, Holder of the chair on « Migration Studies »

  8. From this academic year 2019-2020, and for the benefit of the doctoral students of Aix-Marseilles University (AMU), IMéRA is very pleased to launch a series of doctoral lectures and workshops for these students to have access to the scientific personalities residing at IMéRA during the year.

  9. sélection des professeurs Babacar Kanté et Lahouari Addi comme premiers titulaires de la chaire AUF/IMéRA