Ahmed Bouanani et son héritage pluriel

« Ahmed Bouanani and his Legacies : A Day of Discovery »
2 May, IMERA's conference room
Ahmed Bouanani (1938-2011) was a filmmaker, writer, poet, and artist whose films and writing represent some the most important artistic and cultural interventions in Morocco in the postcolonial period. Since his death, his daughter, Touda, and a collective of researchers and collaborators have worked to recirculate his work, including his magisterial history of cinema in Morocco, which had been left unpublished at the time of his death. This day of talks and screenings includes presentations by those who have worked with the Bouanani archive, including Touda Bouanani, Salim Jay, and Ali Essafi, with films by Ahmed Bouanani, Touda Bouanani, and Ali Essafi. The event offers the opportunity to assess the creative work and legacies of this singular Moroccan artist, his family, and the circle of collaborators that has emerged in his wake. 
« Ahmed Bouanani and his Legacies : A Day of Discovery » is part of the research program of Peter Limbrick, the 2022 Camus/AMIDEX chair at l’IMéRA.
14h00-16h00 :  
Opening : Thierry Fabre (essayist, researcher, director of the Mediterranean program at l’IMéRA) 
Touda Bouanani (artist)  
Salim Jay (writer, critic)  
Ali Essafi (filmmaker) 
Peter Limbrick (scholar, curator), l’IMéRA/UCSC 
16h00-16h30 : Pause 
16h30-18h30 : 
Film screening, followed by conversation (in the presence of the director) : 
In Search of the Seventh Gate (En quête de la septième porte) dir. Ali Essafi, 2017 (Moroccan Arabic and French; French subtitles, 80min) 
18h30h-19h30h Drinks and dinner 
19h30-22h00  Film screening, followed by conversation : 
Memory 14 (Mémoire 14) dir. Ahmed Bouanani, 1971. (In French, English subtitles. 24min) 
The Four Springs (Les quatres sources) dir. Ahmed Bouanani, 1978 (In Moroccan Arabic, French subtitles. 15min) 
One Person (Une personne) dir. Touda Bouanani, 2013 (In French. 12min)

Couverture du livre La septième porte: Une histoire du cinéma au Maroc de 1907-1956, d'Ahmed Bouanani. Rabat: Kulte Éditions, 2020.
Cover of the book La septième porte: Une histoire du cinéma au Maroc de 1907-1956 [The Seventh Gate: A History of Cinema in Morocco, 1917-1956] by Ahmed Bouanani. Rabat: Kulte Editions, 2020.