Averroes Chair International Meeting: Procreation, Women's Rights, Bioethics and Religions. Comparative Approach

May 25 & 26, 2021, Times indicated for France (GMT+2) - Online

Averroes Chair International Meeting: Procreation, Women's Rights, Bioethics and Religions. Comparative Approach

Organised by Nouzha Guessous, Researcher and Consultant in Human Rights and Bioethics, Holder of the Averroès Chair on Mediterranean Islam 2019-2020 (IMéRA/A*MIDEX-AMU), with the support of the Fondation de l'Islam de France.

In partnership with Aix-Marseille Université, La Fondation d'Islam de France, Les Rencontres d'Averroès and A*midex

When biomedical and biotechnological advances have contributed and contribute to the well-being and the health of women, they also may produce new forms of coercion and discrimination. Technologies of assisted procreation, nowadays globalized, give a central place to women to incur these risks insofar as they bring into play sexuality, reproduction, parenthood, and kindship relations. Also, these questions are addressed differently according to sociocultural contexts. However, the example of general dissemination of chemical contraception bears witness of the global impact of this advance on the possibilities for autonomy, freedom and rights of women in matter of reproductive health, and at different levels, on their social rights in general. 

What challenges does this face in societies where religious legal and traditional social norms can be in conflict with these new practices that are now accessible? How to understand and implement the respect for bioethical and women’s human rights of in contexts with majority or minority Islamic populations?

These are some of the major questions that this International Meeting proposes to debate through a comparative multicultural approach during multidisciplinary panels.

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Contacts :

Pr. Nouzha Guessous, Holder of the Averroès Chair (IMéRA/A*Midex-AMU) 2019-2020 : nouzhaguessous@gmail.com

Pr. Henk ten Have, Philosophe, Bioethicist, Ex-director of the UNESCO Bioethic Section : henktenhave10@gmail.com

Thierry Fabre: Director of the Mediterranean Programme of IMéRA : thierry.fabre@univ-amu.fr

More informations : imera.univ-amu.fr