Jeudi 8 avril 2021, 10h-12h - Visioconférence ZOOM

Consuming Difference: Hidden Connections between Migrants and Societies through Food Circuits
par Seth Holmes, Associate Professor and Chair, Medical Anthropology, Society and Environment / University of California Berkeley - Holder of the Paoli Calmettes Institute/IMéRA Chair in Integrated Cancerology

Abstract : Most fruit and vegetables required and enjoyed by European and other societies would not be possible without the planting, harvesting and transporting performed by migrant labourers. Yet, the contribution of migrants to crucial food systems is generally hidden in the experience of transporting, buying and consuming food. In this research project draft, I take strawberries, oranges, and asparagus as the vantage points from which to see connections between migrants and societies that are generally ignored.  Tracing fruit and vegetables through their circulation, I focus on the embodied experiences of migrant farm labourers – who are treated as simultaneously essential, disposable and sometimes prohibited; supply chain workers – who are made up increasingly of migrants and refugees and most often treated as background infrastructure; and consumers – who have diverse interests in surviving, enjoying, and eating ethically. In this research project draft, I propose a new way of seeing societal and embodied connections between migrants and societies – through the beauty, brutality and necessity of food.

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