Launch of the chair on Migration studies

Chair on Migration Studies

Located within the Institute of Advanced Studies (IMéRA) of the University of Aix-Marseille (France), the Chair of "Migration Studies" is a platform for reflection on the modes of governance of international migration and on the plural driving forces that have shaped and consolidated them in time and space. One of the main objectives of the Chair lies precisely in disentangling the analysis of migration issues with a view to uncovering a continuum between the conditions of migrants and non-migrants.

Today, this endeavour is necessary given current economic, societal, political, legal and epistemological developments in Europe and elsewhere in the world. It is the vector through which it is possible to shed light on a possible link between the increased regulation of migration policies and the manifest deregulation of labour market policies in a globalised world, but also between the centrality of the sovereign state in the so-called "management of migration flows" and the perceptible decline of the welfare state, in a socio-economic context marked by social inequalities, industrial relocations and altered relations between states and citizens.

The Chair of "Migration Studies" intends to fully contribute to this disentangled and broader approach by proposing new strands of research that will be useful for researchers, practitioners and decision-makers alike. To do so, research and dissemination activities (seminars, conferences, workshops) will be organized as part of IMéRA's study programme with the support of its institutional partners, in France and abroad.

Jean-Pierre Cassarino (IMéRA, Chair holder, College of Europe, Warsaw), Eleonora Canepari (Telemme, Associate Fellow), Béatrice Mésini (CNRS-Telemme, Associate Fellow), Delphine Perrin (IRD, Associate Fellow), Miriam Teschl (EHESS, Associate Fellow).