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  1. Captured the 15th of january 2019 at IMéRA.

  2. Appels à candidatures 2019 (résidences en 2019-2020) IMéRA et partenaires (IRD, IPC, Comission Fulbright, EHESS, Inserm, AMIDEX, AMSE, ILCB, MuCEM, PRISM).

    Résultats de la sélection (liste principale et liste complémentaire) : voir le fichier attaché.

  3. Revue Fellows

    Bi-monthly letter of the RFIEA foundation of the 15th april 2019. Free reading on the website : http://fellows.rfiea.fr/

  4. Conference, tuesday 30 April, 14h-16h, IMéRA, Free entry

    Second conference of the CMI-Fulbright-IMéRA research cycle onto Migrations

  5. The RFIEA + Labex financing the 4 Avanced Studies Institutes of the french network, to whom IMéRA take part, is officially extended for 5 years.