1. For many years, we treated climate change only as an environmental issue. In reality it is everybody's business. We interviewed Tara DePorte about her project at IMERA and the participatory and interdisciplinary approach to the climate crisis.

  2. We interviewed Lino Camprubí, holder of the Germaine Tillon Chair at IMERA, about his research project "Visual representations of the 3D Mediterranean (past-present-future)"

  3. Fellow Talk
    We sat with Mark Usher, French Institutes for Advanced Study Program (FIAS) Fellow at IMERA, to discuss his new book How to Be a Farmer, as well as Ancient wisdom to living closer to Nature.

  4. The Institute for Advanced Study of Aix Marseille University (IMERA) has the pleasure of announcing the 22 researchers, artists and scientists, who constitute its 2021-2022 promotion.

    Fellows will reside on IMERA's campus and will lead their research projects across a period of 3 to 10 months, between September 2021 and July 2022.

  5. Colloque "Philosophie de la cosmologie"

    Du 9 au 11 Décembre 2021

    à l'IMéRA et à l'université du temps libre (Marseille)

  6. Cycle de conférences Travail, libertés, utopies aujourd’hui​ les jeudis 25 mars, 8 avril, 27 mai 2021

    Retrouvez les vidéos des conférences

  7. Visual representations of the deep Mediterranean Sea (past-present-future) IMERA, 12 November 2021
  8. En 2019, en lançant son Plan Mer et Littoral, la Région a fait de la maritimité un axe central de sa politique à venir.

  9. Colloque international

    Les 16 et 17 septembre 2021 à l'IMéRA, Marseille

  10. Samia Henni, first holder of the Hirschman Chair, will organize starting January 2022 a series of monthly conversations, entitled Hirschman Forum 2022.