Overview of the upcoming Hirschman Forum 2022

To inaugurate Albert Hirschman Chair for Identity Passions between Europe and the Mediterranean at the Institute for Advanced Study (IMéRA), the first appointed Chair, Samia Henni*, is hosting a series of monthly online conversations, named Hirschman Forum 2022. The Forum aims at addressing critical interpretations and interdisciplinary expansions of instigating and disputed themes borrowed from Hirschman, including Democracy, Self-subversion, Passions, Reaction, Interests, and Loyalty. The Forum reflects on “the possibility of an otherwise” in the context of the politics, policies, temporalities, spaces, and economies of societies. Every invited speaker will offer a 25-minute interpretation of a potential “otherwise,” which will be discussed with the audience.

All events will be held both online and at IMéRA, at 6-8 pm CET. Online registration is required. Registration links will be available online a few weeks before each event.

More information on the Forum's official page: https://imera.univ-amu.fr/en/hirschman-forum-2022


* Samia Henni is the inaugural Albert Hirschman Chair (2021/22) for Identity Passions Between Europe and the Mediterranean at the Institute for Advanced Study (IMéRA) in Marseille. She is a Visiting Professor at the Institute of Art History at the University of Zurich, and an Assistant Professor of History of Architecture and Urban Development at Cornell University's College of Architecture, Art and Planning. She is the author of the multi-award-winning Architecture of Counterrevolution: The French Army in Northern Algeria  (EN, 2017; 2019, FR), the editor of War Zones: gta papers 2  (2018), and the maker of exhibitions such as Housing Pharmacology  (2020) and Discreet Violence: Architecture and the French War in Algeria (2017–19). Henni received her Ph.D. in the history and theory of architecture (with distinction, ETH Medal) from ETH Zurich, and taught at Princeton University, ETH Zurich, and Geneva University of Art and Design.

Contact: samia.henni@univ-amu.fr