The research activity within the institute has hinged around three structural programs following three cross-fertilization lines :

In addition to these structural programs, a multi-annual thematic program conducive to interdisciplinary research entitled Global Phenomena and Regulation is deployed over the period 2017-2020.

Each programme consists of cycles, conferences, seminars and doctoral courses, and also includes activities of the Chairs attached to the programme. Those are led by a group of residents related to the general theme of the programme. The coherence, quality and interdisciplinary nature of planned events are supervised by the programme director. The cycles are the places where residents and AMU researchers—often from AMU LABEXes—meet.

In addition, the aim of the Chairs is to establish stable partnerships with prominent institutions outside AMU; this not only helps ensure the Institute’s sustainability, but also its national and international influence. There are currently eight of them:

  • Sustainable Development Chair (joined with IRD)
  • Migration Studies Chair (joined with French-American Fulbright Commission)
  • Transregional Studies Chair (joined with EHESS)
  • Integrated Cancer Research Chair (joined with SIRIC)
  • Langage, Communication and the Brain Chair (joined with ILCB)
  • « Averroès » Chair on Mediterranean Islam (supported by AMIDEX)
  • « Camus » Chair on Lifestyles in the Mediterranean (supported by AMIDEX)