IMERA's scientific program

Aix-Marseille University's Institute for Advanced Studies (IMéRA) is a sanctuary of intellectual freedom where a temporary community made up of top-level international scientists and artists can find the necessary time, space and resources, to discover, individually and with other residents, new meaning and content for their research. In a place where such rare conditions exist, it is possible that original and important ideas and works will emerge as well as concepts and creations capable of changing the boundary lines and paradigms of well-established disciplinary or aesthetic fields. They can significantly transform the most widely used frameworks for thinking and acting today.

The research activity within the institute is structured around four programs:

Each program consists of seminars and workshops as well as the activities of the chairs attached to the program. It relies on a group of residents linked to the general theme of the program. The coherence, quality and interdisciplinarity of programming are supervised by the program director. These activities are the meeting places between residents and researchers of the Aix-Marseille site, scientific partners of the institute and actors of the territory, who are active in the socio-economic and cultural sectors, as well as in citizen initiatives.