Residency conditions

For resident researchers


Scientists remuneration

  • Junior: €2,000 monthly allowance
  • Senior: €3,000 monthly allowance

Are considered juniors, scientists who, at the closing date of the call for applications, have full-time postdoctoral research experience ranging between 2 to 9 years.

Are considered seniors, scientists with minimum 10 years’ experience in full-time research after obtaining the PhD as at the closing date of the call for applications, and university professors.

Artists remuneration

Artists will receive €2,000 monthly allowance or salary (depending on their candidate status).

Residents will also benefit from paid travel expenses and free accommodation on IMERA premises.


Unless otherwise specified, IMERA hosts the residents in one of its 14 apartments, situated in “Parc Longchamp” in the center of Marseille.

The attribution of apartments is the sole decision of IMERA, which strives to accommodate all residents in the best conditions. Requests for familial hosting at IMERA must be mentioned in the application form.


IMERA takes in charge only the residents’ ticket from their usual place of residence to Marseille and back.


Residents benefit from the support of the IMERA team, which facilitates the conditions of their stay and the organization of their activities within the limits of available financial resources. These normally relate to the theme of their program but can also be transversal to other programs. In this context, IMERA helps residents to establish new contacts with the scientific and cultural environment of the Aix-Marseille region.

IMERA does not currently have artists’ workshops.

Residents commitments

The IMERA resident agrees to accept all the principles and living rules contained in the Institute Charter.


IMERA helps residents to open a bank account, with Prefecture formalities (Resident Permit delivery) and for children’s registration in schools where necessary.

For resident teams


IMERA will pay each team member a daily allowance (per diem) of €30.50.


IMERA provides free accommodation to team members.


IMERA will pay for the residents’ ticket from their place of residence to Marseille and back.


IMERA invites resident teams to organise an international research seminar on a theme related to their project during their stay, with the possibility of asking several external specialists to participate.