BOUTAYEB Abdesslam

Professeur de mathématiques appliquées à l'Université Mohammed 1er d'Oujda (Maroc)
Period of residence: 
1 décembre 2011 - 31 janvier 2012
septembre 2012
Research project: 
Health Equity and Human Development in the Mediterranean Region.
Summary of the research project: 

By the dawn of the third millennium, Health Equity has become a central issue. However, equity can mean different things to different people. Moreover, the principles underlying its definition and conceptualization may vary according to economic, medical, philosophical, political, ethical and other considerations.

The present project deals with Health inequity and human development as multidimensional issues spanned by geographical disparities (differences between different geographical areas), gender inequity (systematic differences in health between men and women determined economically, socially or culturally (not biologically or physiologically), ethnic inequalities: between different ethnic groups and socioeconomic inequalities: based on social, economic, political, cultural, linguistic and others (marginalised groups). The focus will be on the Mediterranean region.

Abdesslam Boutayeb est accueilli à l'IMéRA en partenariat avec l'Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF /

Pertaining to the residency: 

« L’équité en santé, un défi du XXIè siècle », Perspectives (7), publication du RFIEA, été 2012.

Curriculum Vitae: