Researcher at the Physics of the City Laboratory (CIG Bologna University), and at INFN (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare), group VI (theoretical physics)
Period of residence: 
septembre - octobre 2011
avril - septembre 2012
Research project: 
The Physics of the City. Complexity in Urban Mobility Networks from Venezia to Marseille.
Summary of the research project: 

What would I like to do, to study, to research during my permanence at IMéRA Institute?  Essentially the Physics of the City, the main idea being to research the complexity degree in the mobility phenomena, assumed as an expression of the social composition and dynamics, which are in Marseille rich of variability and intertwined of differences. A part of this project would be performed working with an artist, Mariateresa Sartori, in view of building up a common frame with a visual and multimedia communication system on the Marseille complex mobility networks. Finally I would like to collect all the experiences, the theoretical assumptions and results, not only mathematical but also philosophical and methodological, often implicit, that from ten years are produced in the Physics of the City Laboratory context, i.e. may be to write a book on this subject. Or, at least, to prepare the materials for a book with the same title of this project.

Projet mené en partenariat avec Mariateresa SARTORI, artiste en résidence à l'IMéRA (2011-2012).

Pertaining to the residency: 

« The Physics of the City », par M. Sartori et B. Giorgini, Perspectives (5), publication du RFIEA, automne-hier 2011.

Elisa Omadei, Armando Bazzani, Sandro Rambaldi, Paolo Michieletto and Bruno GIORGINI, 2012/2014, "The physics of the city: pedestrians dynamics and crowding panic equation in Venezia"Quality and Quantity (48, 1), Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht : 347-373.

Curriculum Vitae: