Davis Darién

Professor of history and black studies and former chair of history department, Middlebury College, Vermont, USA - Holder of the IMéRA/Fulbright Chair on migration studies
Period of residence: 
March 2021 - August 2021
Research project: 
“Black Orpheus,” Migration, and the Circulation of Brasiliana and Mapping Migrations
Summary of the research project: 

In the short time reduced by the COVID-pandemic, Professor Davis will be editing and completing two chapters for his book project, “Black Orpheus, Migration, and the Circulation of Afro-Brasiliana During the Cold War.” The project highlights African-diasporic connections in metropolitan France and the United States during the Cold War. Professor Davis will be working on two chapters of his book that focus on cultural and political exchanges among North Americans, Brazilians and French creatives at a critical crossroads in Atlantic world history.

In his second project, tentatively entitled, "Mapping Migrations," Professor Davis will document how various nations curate the history of migrations in general and African-diasporic migrations in particular. Using national and private museums, public monuments, and private and governmental institutional spaces in France, the United States, the Caribbean, and South America, this project aims to create a digital cartography of migrations through historical and geographical landscapes. For each site, he plans to publish short historical narratives with accompanying photographs and other related texts. Inspired by the London-based group Refugee Tales, Davis will also take regular pilgrimages in the city and the region, documenting relevant signposts related to Latin American, North American, and African diasporic and migratory communities.

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Bio : 

Darién J. Davis is professor of history and black studies, and former chair of the history department and Latin American studies at Middlebury College. Davis has lived and worked in the Caribbean, South America, Canada, Europe and the United States. He teaches historical and multidisciplinary courses on Latin American and the Caribbean, and Africana studies with specialties in the history of migration and diaspora in the Atlantic world. He is the author of four book-length manuscripts, three edited volumes, numerous peer-reviewed articles and curricular development texts., Professor Davis has worked as a consultant for academic and non-government agencies including the London-based Minority Rights Group.