Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas, Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Arkansas
Period of residence: 
21 août 2017 - 16 janvier 2018
Research project: 
Making Mathematics and the Mathematics of Making
Summary of the research project: 

Mathematics and art can seem like complete opposites on the intellectual specturm, yet when they intersect interesting possibilities for collaboration abound. The geometrical forms of mathematics provide interesting concepts for the artist to explore, the visual and storytelling aspects of art can help communicate the mysteries of mathematics. The ability to see mathematical ideas can even be useful to mathematicians able understand more and make deeper conjectures from seeing the ideas.

This proposal is for University of Arkansas, Mathematician and Artist Edmund Harriss to obtain a fellowship as a senior scientist and explore creating art through mathematics and teaching and researching mathematics through art and visualisation, as well as developing the institutional connections between art and mathematics in Marseilles.

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Edmund Harriss is a mathematician and mathematical artist, driven by a passion to communicate the beauty and utility of mathematical thinking beyond the discipline. Last year he published "Patterns of the Universe" a bestselling coloring book of images drawn from across mathematics; a second book "Visions of the Universe" is due out in November. His mathematical research is in discrete geometry studying the structure of tilings and patterns, themes that also influence his artwork. Beyond mathematics he has applied these ideas to the study of 2d crystals such as Graphene; this work appeared in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. His research has also appeared in Nature and the Notices of the American Mathematical Society. He recently started a research collaboration into the geometry of robot control and 3d printing. This grew out of the development of interdisciplinary courses in CNC design and programming, involving students from across the humanities, sciences, engineering and architecture. His artwork has been commissioned by several universities including Imperial College in London.

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