Cagnacci Francesca

Senior researcher in Animal Ecology at Fondazione Edmund Mach, Research and Innovation Centre (FEM/CRI), Trento, Italy - Holder of the IMERA/IRD chair on sustainable development
Period of residence: 
September 2021 - June 2022
Research project: 
Reconciling Mountain Economies with Changing Alpine Ecosystems to Export a New Resilience Model to Global Change (2EcoChange).
Summary of the research project: 

2EConnect develops along two axes, and one longitudinal modelling platform, or the 2Ecosystem: Ecology in interaction with Economy, through Governance.

The general objectives are:

1) to reconcile the knowledge of Ecological science and Economics related to a system (the Alpine region) exposed to climate and global change;

2) to provide a new resilience modelaccounting both for the biodiversity and socio-economicvalue of the region.

The general outputs are respectively:

1) the 2EcoRating Matrix, providing a standardized and exportable evaluation tool for the past, current, and perspective values/challenges/opportunities in terms of ecosystems and socio-economic systems;

2) an integrated 2Eco Model of Resilience of the region based on these background knowledge. Further, the 2Eco model will be trained in real policy and governance frameworks within the region, to evaluate its actual applicability.

Lien(s) web: 

I am a behavioral and conservation ecologist with research emphasis on effects of climate and global change on animal spatial distribution and movement in an ecosystemic context. My research interests span management and conservation practices at different spatial scales, ecosystem services, terrestrial mammalogy, ecology of wildlife diseases and host-parasite dynamics. I am a permanent senior researcher at the Research and Innovation Centre at Edmund Mach Foundation for agriculture and environmental studies, in the Italian Alps. I previously worked as a post- graduate researcher at the University of Bern (Switzerland), the Central Science Laboratory (United Kingdom), the Centre for Alpine Ecology (Italy), after graduating as a MSc at the Universities of Milano and Siena, and as a PhD at the University of Siena.

Curriculum Vitae: