VISITING FELLOW - Visual theorist, experimental musician and performance artist, EURIAS Junior fellow, Collegium Helveticum, ETH Zurich
Period of residence: 
May 2019
Research project: 
POSTIMAGE: The New Ecology of Vision
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Her EURIAS research project POSTIMAGE: The New Ecology of Vision investigates the future of images in a post-humanist era. It combines visual theory with recent cultural studies approaches such as feminist post-humanism, new materialism and environmental humanities. Some initial hypotheses concerning her notion of the “postimage” are presented in Leonardo (2017) and the Posthuman Glossary (2018, ed. Rosi Braidotti) She has been awarded grants for her work by the Austrian Science Fund (Schrödinger Fellowship 2009), the Austrian Ministry of Science and Art and the University Grants Committee, Hong Kong.

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Dr Ingrid Hoelzl is a visual theorist, experimental musician and performance artist, and 2018/19 EURIAS Junior Fellow at the Collegium Helveticum.

She was born in Vienna in 1979, studied in Vienna, Paris and Berlin, and graduated summa cum laude from the Humboldt University’s Faculty of Philosophy III in 2008 with a doctoral thesis on the theory of photographic self-portraiture based on the example of Samuel Fosso. In parallel, she was awarded a degree in fine arts/visual culture studies by Berlin University of the Arts for her video project Image Futures/Future Images. She subsequently held lecturer, post-doctoral researcher and assistant professor posts at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (2007–2009), McGill University (2009–2011), the University of Oslo (2011–2013), City University of Hong Kong (2013–2017) and Central European University (2017–18). Her post-doctoral research has focused on the status of images in digital culture, and has been published in journals such as Photographies, History of Photography, Digital Creativity and Visual Studies as well as various anthologies and exhibition catalogues. Her monograph Softimage: Towards a New Theory of the Digital Image (co-authored with Remi Marie, Intellect 2015) summarizes this research, framing it in terms of a progression from “hardimage” to “softimage”, from geometry to algorithm, as the guiding and functional principle of images.

In her work as a performance artist and theorist, she focuses on the integration of sound, movement, language, body and affect, combining post-humanism and shamanism, free improvisation and conceptual performance (e.g. Interspecies Musicking, 2017; Frog People, 2017; Stringfigures, 2018; General Humanity, 2018). She is currently preparing E_CO_OPERA, an experimental “Singspiel” bringing together musicians, dancers, and theorists around the idea/practice of the image as eco-relation, as sound, rhythm, wave. The event will take place at the Collegium Helveticum in June 2019.


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