Professor in International Relations, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford, Director of the European Studies Center
Period of residence: 
septembre - décembre 2010
Research project: 
Mutual recognition among Nations : from state of mind to state of world.
Summary of the research project: 

Kalypso Nicolaïdis’ work is definitely interdisciplinary spanning international relations, political philosophy, history, economics, European law, international law and anthropology. While at IMERA, Kalypso will be working on a project exploring the multifaceted dilemma, conflicts and promises associated with living in a world of differences, a world where nomads and settlers need to agree on ground rules for their interaction and where temptations for homogenization and “the search for oneness” need to be resisted. Her normative agenda revolves around the idea of mutual recognition – alternatively defined as a philosophical concept on how individual or groups relate to each other to a foundational norm in international relations and a form of governance between states, to a legal principle governing the integration of markets as exemplified in the EU or the global trading system. Mutual recognition as both a state of mind and a state of the world (a diplomatic, regulatory or legal norm) provides a common point d’orgue to issues of special interest in the IMERA context, including specifically Euro-Mediterranean relations and the “echoes of colonialisms” in the region. It is also a lens through which Kalypso looks back at her own family history.

Curriculum Vitae: