SARTORI Mariateresa

Period of residence: 
septembre 2011
juin 2012
Research project: 
The Physics of the City. Complexity in Urban Mobility Networks from Venezia to Marseille.
Summary of the research project: 

The idea is to research the complexity degree in the mobility phenomena, assumed as an expression of the social composition and dynamics, which are in Marseille especially rich of variability and intertwined of differences. This project would be performed working with the phisicist Bruno Giorgini in view of building up a common frame with a visual and multimedia communication system on the Marseille complex mobility networks. After collecting information, data, images and movies we shall analyze the material, in order to construct a visual and multimedia communication system showing complexity and beauty of the Marseille mobility.

Projet mené en collaboration avec Bruno GIORGINI.

Pertaining to the residency: 

« The Physics of the City », par M. Sartori et B. Giorgini, Perspectives (5), publication du RFIEA, automne-hiver 2011.