Professor at University of California at San Francisco, Department of Pathology, USA
Period of residence: 
22 février - 13 juillet 2016
Research project: 
Multidisciplinary Studies of T cell Recognition in the Context of Cell Migration
Summary of the research project: 

We hypothesize that T cells use the critical first minute of cell-cell contact with their antigen-presenting cells to intimately interchelate into the glycochalyx of antigen-presenting cells and to bring TCRs within reach of pMHC. The TCRs might then stabilize this junction and the junction, in attempting to dissemble itself, would be the test of recognition. In this model, there are mechanical forces required to establish meaningful cell-cell interactions and additional ‘stabilizing’ forces provided by the receptor-ligand interactions. I would like to explore this hypothesis through an Imera-sponsored fellowship period, while interacting with a large swath of teams in the Marseille area.

Curriculum Vitae: