Artist, San Francisco Exploratorium
Period of residence: 
15 mars - 15 juin 2010
15 mars - 15 juin 2011- résidence en partenariat avec le Conseil départemental des Bouches du Rhône
15 mars - 15 juin 2012
Research project: 
Intersections : Land, Water, Culture.
Summary of the research project: 

I propose to study the intersection between the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the land that defines its shores in the Marseilles area.

I want to explore the differences and similarities between this Mediterranean region and the Bay Area of California. Both share comparable climates, industries which were once or still are, maritime based, a strong science and research community and cultures which are defined by migrations of people throughout their respective histories.

My study would include studying the intersections of cultural, ecological and environmental processes. Ultimately, I would want to find ways of physically expressing some of the commonalities between life in Mediterranean regions and the Bay Area in a manner that could lead to some shared understandings of the global aspects of the rapidly evolving nature of the physical world from a laymen’s point of view.

Pertaining to the residency: 

"Où nous sommes", Interview de Peter et Sue Richards par Wildproject : Journal of Environmental Studies (7), Marseille, mai 2010.

« Exploratorium », Lettre d’information du RFIEA (3), été 2010.


Curriculum Vitae: