Reader in Economics, University of Aberdeen
Period of residence: 
14 January - 12 July 2019 ; Residence in partnership with AMSE - Aix-Marseille School of Economics
Research project: 
Income Redistribution with Indivisible Allocations
Summary of the research project: 

Consider the problem of allocating a wage bill w among a group of n workers, where pay is defined over k predefined earnings levels. This problem is intermediate between the problem of distributing equitably an indivisible good on the one hand, and the problem of redistributing income, when income is treated as a continuous variable. The project will exploit the discrete nature of the problem to analyse redistribution as a cooperative game defined on a finite ordered set. The research will explore four related questions: (i) under what conditions do distributions of a wealth endowment of size w over n persons exist, with restricted shares?, (ii) what form progressive transfers between individuals may take, (iii) the limits to redistribution in presence of indivisibilities and (iv) some algorithmic aspects of computing egalitarian distributions.

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Prior to joining the University of Aberdeen in 2010, I was a senior lecturer at the University of Bath. I started my academic career in 1995 at the University of Lausanne after graduating from the London School of Economics with a PhD in Economics. My dissertation advisor was the late Sir Tony Atkinson.

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