Senior Researcher (Science Studies, Philosophy), Estonian Institute of Humanities, Tallinn University (Estonia)
Period of residence: 
18 février - 12 juillet 2013
Research project: 
Picturing Cells in Embryos at the Mediterranean Sea.
Summary of the research project: 

With a historical case study on experiments and images of marine organisms in the Mediterranean Sea from ca. 1840 to most recent approaches of in silico biology, the project will elaborate how working with hands changed perceptions of cell-scapes, and how biomorphic forms travelled from the life sciences to arts and architecture. the project fulfills three main purposes. Firstly, it reconstructs a chapter of the visual biography of genes, cells, and embryos in the life sciences at marine stations around the Mediterranean Sea. Secondly, it traces the influence of dimensionality, scale and pattern on biological imagery from around 1840 to the 21st century. Thirdly, in mapping the findings to other disciplinary fields of the humanities, arts and architecture it actively seeks collaboration of scientists, scholars and artists.

Curriculum Vitae: