Senior Lecturer, Loughborough University, School of Design and Creative Arts
Period of residence: 
février 2021 – juillet 2021
Research project: 
Designano: The Aesthetics of Imperceptibility
Summary of the research project: 

We live today in a world where the research on nano-scale materials promises to revolutionize the near future. Carbon nano-fibers and carbon nano-tubes will be soon part of the unseen infrastructure that will shape our world, our knowledge, and even our bodies. The main focus of the project is on nano-textiles and will be orientated towards the analysis of changes that occur with the transformation of textiles in sensors and actuators. All these changes provide both opportunities and challenges for design. The purpose of this project is to understand the issues design have to face by using nano-technologically produced and/or treated materials, knowing that even if their aspects rest unchanged, their performance is completely different. Therefore, the project will engage both in a theoretical research allowing to define the categories applied in the integration of nano-materials by design, and a practical one, delivering tools and methodologies for design. The two perspectives will inform each other. One of the expected outcomes of the project is the definition of a series of case studies which will combine information related to their technical, functional and perceptive aspects and the development of an educational kit for designers that will facilitate the understanding of nano-processes. This kit will be presented in an exhibition that I am going to organize at IMERA at the end of the residence. The publication of a paper summing the results, as well as the organization of an interdisciplinary seminar aims to ensure a larger visibility to the project. The main topics to be covered will be: aesthetics of imperceptibility, types of nano-objects, aesthetic / perceptive issues related to nano-technologies, design methodologies in the field of nano-materials, ecology of nano-materials, reactive and smart materials, interactive design, design theory.

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Bio :

Après des études en arts et en design textile à l’Université d’Arts de Cluj, Roumanie, j’ai complété mes études (MA) en anthropologie culturelle à l’Université « Babes-Bolyai » de la même ville. J’ai reçu ma thèse à l’Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne en 2012 avec une thèse qui examinait les changements qui ont eu lieu dans le domaine du textile dans le contexte du développement des technologies de production numériques et l’introduction des nouveaux matériaux nano-technologiquement traités. J’ai initié, j'ai été la curatrice et j'ai coordonné plusieurs projets d’exposition, comme, par exemple, « Artists in Industry » (Bucarest 2011-2013), « Haptosonics » (Oslo, 2013) et « Attempts, Failures, Trails and Errors » (Bergen / Bucarest / Maribor, 2017-2018). J’ai travaillé en tant que chercheuse à l’Université d‘Arts de Berlin, à Nottingham Trent University (UK), KHM – Académie des Arts Numériques de Cologne (Allemagne) et ZKM – Centre ‘Arts Médias de Karlsruhe (Allemagne). Après une bourse Fulbright à l’Université de Cornell en États Unis visant une recherche sur les nano-textiles, je suis actuellement maître de conférence à l’Université de Loughborough en Grande Bretagne.

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