Selection Criteria

Applications received by Fondation IMéRA are processed in three stages:

1. The files are  submitted to double expert opinion;

2. Evaluated files are assessed by a selection committee, which provides a resident shortlist;

3. The Management Council validates the selection.

The shortlisting committee includes members of IMéRA’s Scientific Organisation Committee, representatives of calls partners, as well as external scientific authorities. It is tasked with assessing applications according to the criteria defined by IMéRA and ranking them on the basis of both assessments and the Institute’s reception strategy.

Application assessment criteria include, but are not limited to:

- Project and researcher’s value and potential;

- Connection of project with IMéRA’s cross-disciplinary framework (capacity to link with other disciplinary domains);

- Relevance of the research project in terms of its connection with the Aix-Marseille area (potential interaction with local facilities, teams and research centres; use of local resources – field, archives, etc.).