Selection of Regina Hubner's project "Dear Cell" by Manifesta 2020

Manifesta 2020 Marseille (June-November 2020) selected Regina Hübner's "Dear Cell" project as part of the Parallèles du Sud.

This video installation comes from Regina Hübner's residency at IMéRA, in partnership with the CIML - Immunology Center of Marseille-Luminy.

"Dear Cell" focuses on the subjective perception of "self" and "non-self" and on what distinguishes researchers on a personal level: their intimate relationship with their research subject, their calligraphy, and their eyes , with whom they observe and discover. Impressed by their passion for their research, Regina Hübner asked researchers (called protagonists) to write by hand a sincere letter to their research subject, then to write another one to themselves from the point of view of their research object. She also filmed the researchers' eyes and collected images of their research objects, generated by different observation instruments. It thus highlights the human and sensitive dimension of the relationship to research, and the subjective relationship maintained by the researcher with his research subject.