Seniors Fellows

Senior Fellows

fellows (AF) are appointed for a three-years term (renewable). Are eligible to SF researchers in at least one of these two positions:

1. Former IMéRA resident acting as the head of an interdisciplinary essentially local research group on the basis of a locally structuring 3-years long research project (started on 2018/2019, experimentation under way).

2. Principal investigator in a long-term project (for ERC grants for example) or leading role in a long-term research initiative (strategic partnership building and management for example) with IMéRA as a major stakeholder Apart from the experimental device 1. mentioned just above, Senior Fellows just like the AFs may be either local or external. Similarly, SFs are entitled to logistic and staff support as well as to accommodation for externals (up to 2 months per year).

List of senior fellows :

Andy Dobson (Princeton and Santa Fe Institute), Alberte Bondeau (IMBE/CNRS/AMU), Joël Guiot (CEREGE/CNRS/AMU).