The new IRD-IMéRA-AMU research group

The activities of the new IMéRA research group on Ecological perspectives on development, land use and climate change ( have started with a workshop last thursday, june 20: four talks shedding light on different disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches to  climate change and development. The role of lande use (understood as a decision variable at the micro level but also as a macro policy variable when it comes to the design of appropriate public policies) has been particularly studied either in the Mediterranean context by Joël Guiot (CEREGE-AMU) or in the Amazon specific case by both Claudia Codeço (FioCruz, Rio de Janeiro) and Andres Baeza (Arizona State University). See detailed program here: (corresponding video available soon).

The research group has been organized after the workshop into a few thematic subgroups to push a couple of research projects. One is on the connexion between land use decisions, economic development and health. The project includes the research on the Amazon case mentioned above, which involves in addition to Claudia Codeço and Andres Baeza, also the IRD/IMéRA co-chairs, Mercedes Pascual (Chicago) and Andy Dobson (Princeton), and the AMSE/IMéRA resident, Omar Licandro (Nottingham University). Another line of research within the project is the construction of formal ecologico-economic dynamic models capturing the determinants of land use decisions and its implications for economic development and the evolution of biodiversity. This part is being developed by Fausto Gozzi (Luiss Univeristy, Roma), Giorgio Fabbri (CNRS, Grenoble), Raouf Boucekkine (IMéRA/AMSE) and the three IMéRA chair holders mentioned just above.

A second project under development, co-supervised so far by Ted Temzelides (Rice University and Baker Scholar, Huston) and Raouf Boucekkine (IMéRA/AMSE), tackles the question of the deep modelling and assessment of the interactions between energy, climate change and geography. It counts on the contribution of Joël Guiot (CEREGE), Charles Figuières (AMSE) , and again Fausto Gozzi and Giorgio Fabbri.
The next open research activity of the group will take place on the june 25, with the fourth event of the IRD/IMéRA research cycle on Sustainable Development, see

Photo : "From left to right: Claudia Codeço (FioCruz, Rio de Janeiro), Andy Dobson (Princeton, IRD/IMéRA co-chair 2018-2019), Mercedes Pascual (Chicago, IRD/IMéRA co-chair 2018-2019, and Andres Baeza (Arizona State University), in a Skype work session with Omar Licandro (Nottingham, AMSE/IMéRA résident, 2018-2019)".