May 12 & 13 at IMERA


Associating economic values to biodiversity has been a mantra in the last decades and this idea is certainly not new. The workshop 2EcoChange has the ambition to make two research worlds to meet, communicate and utilize their top-notch techniques and Big Data flows: ecology and economics sciences. So far, that has been a risk of oversimplifications of environmental and economic indexes that need re-assessement and interdisciplinary enrichment. These topics are now at the core of governance choices in European countries and beyond.

‘2EcoChange’ develops along two axes, Ecology and Economy, and one longitudinal modelling platform, or the 2Eco approach: Ecology in interaction with Economy, through Governance.


The general objectives are:

1) to reconcile the knowledge of Ecological science and Economics related to regional/local systems (mountain e.g. pre-Alpine/Alpine regions; Mediterranean areas e.g. Marseille) exposed to climate and global change,

2) providing a new resilience model accounting both for the biodiversity and socio-economic value of the region.


The general outputs are respectively:

1) the 2Eco Rating Matrix, providing a standardized and exportable evaluation tool for the past, current, and perspective values/challenges/opportunities in terms of ecosystems and socio-economic systems;

2) an integrated 2Eco Model of Resilience of the region based on these background knowledge. Further, the 2Eco model will be trained in real policy and governance frameworks within the region, to evaluate its actual applicability.


Scientists from IMéRA and AMSE, as well as other European colleagues, will meet to start a discourse on the ambitions above, laying out directions of common research and improved exchange between Ecology and Economics, as well as positive societal outcomes.


This event is strictly on invitation basis, and is not open to the public.