IRD/IMéRA Cycle on Sustainable Development #3

Jeudi 20 juin 2019, 9h00 - 12h30, IMéRA, Maison des astronomes, salle de conférences - entrée libre

Topics in development, land use and climate change I


Mercedes Pascual (Chicago, IRD/IMéRA co-chair 2018/2019) and Raouf Boucekkine (IMéRA)


Ted Loch-Temzelides, Professor, Department of economics, Rice University, and IMéRA resident, 2018/2019 (

  • Energy Use and Climate: Robust Solutions Needed

Joël Guiot, Research director, CNRS & CEREGE (

  • The climate changes in the Mediterranean Basin and their present impacts and the future risks for the ecosystems, the resources and the societies

Claudia Codeço, Researcher, Fundação Oswaldo Cruz, Rio de Janeiro (

  • Malaria epidemiology along urban development gradients in the Amazon

Andres Baeza, Researcher, Global Institute for Sustainability, Arizona State University (

  • Linking land-use change, human behavior and economic development to infectious disease dynamics

About the IRD/IMéRA Cycle on Sustainable Development

As explicitly admitted in the UN’s Sustainable Development Objectives (SDOs), human development can only be conceived on a global scale considering the multiple interactions—economic (trade, outsourcing, etc.), demographic (migrations, epidemics, etc.), cultural (connectivity, networks, etc.) and environmental (global warming, etc.)—at play between North and South countries. These aspects are at the heart of the IMéRA Program “Global phenomena and regulation” (see and they are a fortiori even more salient the IRD research, IRD being one of the significant national and international players in the SDO’s agenda (see

The research cycle “Sustainable Development” held at IMéRA in this academic year 2018/2019 is designed to strengthen cooperation between IRD and IMéRA on sustainable development research through the dedicated joint chair hosted by IMéRA. In 2018/2019, the cycle is managed by the IRD/IMéRA co-chair holders, Andrew Dobson (Princeton Univ.) and Mercedes Pascual (Univ. of Chicago), together with IMéRA director general and director of the “Global phenomea and regulation” program, Raouf Boucekkine (AMU). The first event took take place at IMéRA on October 19th 2018.