Politiste et sociologue – Lecturer à l’Université de Californie, Santa Cruz – Politics Department and Center for the Middle East and North Africa
Période de résidence: 
février - juin 2021
Projet de recherche: 
Initiative Solidarités musulmanes en Méditerranée - En partenariat avec l'Université d'Edimbourg et Frédéric Volpi, SENIOR FELLOW 2020-2021
Résumé du projet: 

This research project builds on the initial activities developed at the IMERA in the context of the Averroes chair on Islam and the universality of democratic norms. It proposes to deepen this perspective on Mediterranean Islam by investigating in a comparative fashion the political embodiments of these contemporary approaches to Islam in democratizing countries on the southern shores of Mediterranean. This research provides a theoretically-informed empirical account how Islamism and the representations of Islamism have been transformed by endogenous and exogenous short-term factors in the Mediterranean after the 2011 Arab uprisings. It reveals how the transformations of Islamism have in their turn reshaped state-society relations and societal views and practices in connection to liberal-democracy. Considering the case of Islamists movements in power in Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey, it elucidates the practical role played by these actors on institutional-legal, political, socio-cultural and religious changes by examining the policy initiatives of elected Islamists governments.


Curriculum Vitae: