Professeur habilité à l'Institut National des Sciences de l'Archéologie et du Patrimoine, Rabat, Maroc
Période de résidence: 
14 septembre 2015 - 12 février 2016 - Résidence IMéRA/LabexMed
Projet de recherche: 
Interdisciplinary approach of the early modern humans cultures in western Mediterranean
Résumé du projet: 

The project is set up mainly as a collaborative research with Aix-Marseille University teams but also as an international multidisciplinary research to investigate early modern humans in western Mediterranean which has an exceptionally long sequence of occupation spanning well over 100,000 years, including some of the earliest evidence for personal ornaments and symbolic behaviour discovered in southern Mediterranean.

This project seeks to unite archaeological, geological and geochronological approaches to better understand the spatial signature and temporal dimensions for biological and cultural changes in humans in western Mediterranean. It will focus on the factors that influenced human movements and distribution in this area, and will contribute for the advancement of interdisciplinary environmental science. Laboratory researches and fieldworks will be undertaken in collaboration with LAMPEA UMR7269-CNRS and this shall be done in conjunction with a study of the archives of “Georges Souville” at Centre Camille Julian (UMR7299-CNRS). The principal results will be published in mainstream international peer-reviewed journals.

Besides this research, an international workshop will be held on the theme of Modern origins in the western Mediterranean from an interdisciplinary perspective and will serve to round up the project.

Curriculum Vitae: