Chemist, Professor at University of California, Los Angeles, member of the California NanoSystems Institute
Période de résidence: 
septembre - novembre 2009
20 mai - 20 juillet 2011
juin - août 2012
Projet de recherche: 
An Art/Sci Exploration of Creativity and Imagination in fields of Nanotechnology and its future Role on Society with emphasis on Nano-Neuromorphic Information Technology and Material Nanoarchitectonics.
Résumé du projet: 

We propose an investigation into the relationship of individual mind and collective world mind of the Internet from a comparison of the scientific aspects of neural networks, collective intelligence and stability with the natural functions of the brain. This is a two-world view and nanotechnology will, in the not so distant future, invisibly permeate not only our physical but also virtual world with new forms of computation enabling artificial intelligence and emergent, swarming and collective (holistic) intelligence. At IMeRA, I would engage on new approaches to the dealing with change in Culture and technology from the driving level of nanoscience and media arts. Both of these are concerned with new forms of communication in hardware and education cognizant of local culture, virtual communities and neural networks.

En relation avec la résidence: 

« Questions à James Gimzewski », Lettre d’information du RFIEA (2), hiver 2009.