Associate professor, the Johns Hopkins University, Department of History, Baltimore, USA
Période de résidence: 
14 septembre 2015 - 13 juillet 2016 - en partenariat avec CG13
Projet de recherche: 
Affirmative Action and the End of Empires: ‘Integration’ in France (1955-1962) and the Race Question in the Cold War World
Résumé du projet: 

This history of the “integrationist” policies analyzes how French officials sought to stop Algerian independence by through arguments that Algerians were not colonial subjects yearning for statehood, but French citizens suffering from racism. Integrationists relied on policy prescriptions that had emerged in transnational discussions (centered around UNESCO) among anthropologists and sociologists. Further, the development of integrationism was part and parcel of efforts to negotiate international expectations that the end of empires and the crisis of the nation-state required the development of supra-national states. This study emphasizes how these policies shaped post-decolonization developments in France; it also uses research in untapped Algerian archives to show that integrationism played a role in the history of Algeria’s nationalist revolution.

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