CHRIST / CHRISTIAWAN Venzha / Vincensius

Artist and Artistic Director, Director of HONF Foundation, Indonesia
Période de résidence: 
20 février - 14 juillet 2017
Projet de recherche: 
(under) standing : (micro) cosmos and (macro) cosmos
Résumé du projet: 

What I want to build in this residency program is one interactive installation that talking about : micro-cosmos and macro-cosmos conception / and also will give a question about what is alternate universes.

The aim of the installation is to create and to feel the perspective of view between what we can see or hear to our universe and where they are come from, related with something that near by us as a human being, -using- “plant as an example of life form” also as a metaphor to understanding how big it is.

Of course prominent physicists disagree about whether the multiverse may exist, and whether it is even a legitimate topic of scientific inquiry, but the important angle of this idea is to bring us to think the million possibilities out there that never ending to discover.

Curriculum Vitae: